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* Certified Psychic Medium * Certified Reiki Master *

* Certified Psychic Medium * Certified Reiki Master ** Certified Psychic Medium * Certified Reiki Master *

Where the Paranormal is Normal!

Jethro Smith was born extraordinarily gifted.  

He can see a person's auras & chakras and communicate with angels and

loved ones on the other side and foretell future events.  

As a psychic child, his ability became public at the age of eight.

A near death experience heightened his gift further, and

he was  tested and trained by metaphysical masters to learn to control his abilities. 

Kindergarten friends for whom his prophecies became true remain as lifelong friends and clients.

Jethro's clientele includes:

state police, detectives, government officials, security, politicians, actors, 

and the every-day person seeking spiritual guidance and direction.


American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums
Certified Canadian Association of Psychics
United Kingdom Association of Psychics
Certified Reiki Master
Author of Living in the Psychic Realm
Author of Uncle Jethro's Guide to the Sixth Sense

About Psychic Jethro

Living in the Psychic Realm

Born Psychic - What's It Really Like?

Trouble begins when young Jethro doesn’t realize he is chatting with the widow's beloved husband who is already on the other side.  She faints and, although born extraordinarily gifted, Jethro learns  that not everybody sees and hears what he sees and hears.

Seeing your friends’ futures complicates being  a normal kid and isn’t as much fun as you’d think.  Jethro decides to suppress his abilities, but tragedy strikes and he later embraces his uniqueness to help others.

This revealing inside story of the psychic world from a child's eyes can change your perspective forever.

It is an inspiration to know that you are never truly alone and that your decisions - big or small - really do matter.

This is a story for anyone who has ever wondered . . . 

You Are Psychic, Too!

Feel what it's like if your natural intuitive gifts were heightened and nurtured!

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