Psychic Development - Intuition - Instinct

Psychic Development Meet Up

Psychic Development Class Certified Psychic Medium Jethro Smith

Psychic Development Meet Up

Most Saturdays

4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

1151 Harbor Bay Parkway Suite 104

Alameda, CA 94502

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Hearing and Seeing Energy


 Sound Waves and Light Waves

 vibrate at a range of frequencies.

A frequency vibrating fast enough is emitted as a color of light.

A slower vibration is emitted as sound.

Not all frequencies are visible

 to our senses without training.

People Have Instinct Too!


 Mammals such as dolphins and our cats and dogs can see and hear frequencies

outside of our typical range.

Just because YOU cannot yet see or hear it does not mean that it does not exist! 

Instinct -Intuition - Empath


Everyone is Born with Spiritual Gifts

Which Can Be Developed.

- Intuitive Understanding - Inner Knowing - 

- Empath - Clairvoyance - Instinct -

- Gut Feelings - Predictions -

Gifts are heightened by life experiences including life-changing events, trauma or a near death experience

and also by spiritual intent.

Psychic Development Tools

Psychic Medium Jethro Smith Psychic Development Class

 Psychic Development Topics:

- Spiritual Messages - Guardian Angels - 

 - Spirit Guides - Astrology - Auras -

- Developing Your Personal Spiritual Gifts - 

- Numerology - Mediumship - Tarot -

- Chakras - Dreams - Animal Totems -

- Loved Ones on the Other Side - Healing -

- Reiki - Spiritual Protection - 

and Everything Paranormal.

The Sixth Sense

Psychic Development Certified Psychic Medium Jethro Smith

Certified Psychic Medium Jethro Smith Teaches Students of all Levels and Ages

 To Heighten Their Natural Abilities 

Enabling Spiritual Growth and Clarity.

Psychic Development Text Book:

Uncle Jethro's Guide to the Sixth Sense

- - -Click Here - - Uncle Jethro's Guide to the Sixth Sense

Psychic Development Class


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Psychic Development Class

Saturdays - Text to Confirm

4:00 pm-5:30 pm

1151 Harbor Bay Pkwy Ste 104

Alameda, California 94504

TEXT: 928-484-0437

Psychic Development and Intuition

Understanding the Gift: Intuition and Psychic Abilities

The key to Psychic Development and Heightening Intuition is Spiritual Protection. 

Jethro, part Blackfoot Native American Indian, was born with the gift and the ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side.

As a natural-born psychic, he had to learn to understand and control his psychic abilities.  

His gift became public at the age of eight, and he was tested and trained by metaphysical masters beginning preschool.

Jethro decided at a very young age to always Walk in the Light and to use his gift to help others.

Jethro believes that everyone is born with the gift, which can be heightened or suppressed.

Jethro Smith is an award-winning certified psychic medium and tarot reader.  

He has dedicated his life to teaching others of all ages and levels to develop their personal gifts to develop spiritually.

Psychic Development
Jethro Smith Certified Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader

Psychic Development Jethro Smith Certified Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader